Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Anti-Humala Media Blitz

Pick up just about any newspaper in the United States over the past few days and you'll notice an all out blitzkrieg against Peruvian presidential hopeful Ollanta Humala. An editorial by AP writer Monte Hayes slanders Humala by claiming that his family history makes him a Nazi, a homophobe, and a dictator. Quite the contrary, Humala is none of these.

This Associated Press editorial begins the assault by claiming that Humala's father, Isaac Humala, was "is a Marxist who praises Hitler". Any educated - even any uneducated - person knows that this is a contradiction in terms. Marxism and Nazism are like fire and water. Read a damn history book, Monte Hayes. The editorial continues by accusing his brother and mother of being racists.

This media reaction is no different from the attacks on Hugo Chavez, Salvador Allende, and the countless other democratically elected leftist leaders that have graced Latin America in the past half century. Chavez is almost always referred to as a dictator despite the fact his approval rating hovers around 70% - nearly 40% than our own President. In 1973, the media ignored the Nixon Administration's involvement with the coup against Allende and the installation of Augusto Pinochet. In summation, our media hates real democracy.

Let's go back to Humala for a moment. Family history does not define an individual, and the "independent" media shouldn't use a candidates bloodline to attack their policies. In the 2000 and 2004 elections, how many times was it mentioned that George Bush's Grandfather loaned money to Adolf Hitler? Do they mention that Bush Sr. is a religious bigot and a war criminal? While CNN reports on Evo Morales' coca-crops, do they mention that Bush is a former cocaine user?

Ah, the joys of corporate media.