Thursday, April 06, 2006

Berlusconi Looses It

Apparently, right-wing billionaires get a bit touchy when their power is challenged. If you thought politics got nasty in America, take a trip to Italy. Silvio Berlusconi makes the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth look like Mother Teresa.

In the debate yesterday between Berlusconi and his center-left opponent Romano Prodi, Berlusconi was obviously loosing. As the debate came to a close, Berlusconi made a desperate (and untrue) promise to abolish housing taxes on first homes. The icing on the cake really came when Berlusconi called Prodi a "coglioni". For those of you who don't speak Italian that means dickhead. No kidding.

But Berlusconi's kindergarten name calling didn't stop there. He then went on to attack the entire Center-Left Coalition because the coalition includes communist and socialist parties. Here's a clipping from the Reuters article:

For Berlusconi, the red flag should be a warning. The media tycoon says it is an historic fact that communists have eaten babies. "In Mao's China," he told an election rally, "they boiled them to fertilize the fields".

I think it's important to assure everyone that neither communists nor socialists have a desire to eat anyones' children. Mao Tse-Tsung was a "coglioni", as Berlusconi would say, and todays' leftists realize the man was a monster not worthy of respect. Berlusconi's cannibal accusations are indicative of any desperate, sinking fascist regime trying to hold onto power despite the peoples will.