Thursday, April 06, 2006

Chavez's Aprroval Rating at 82.7%

This morning I headed out into the beautiful, sunny Michigan morning and picked up my copy of Failed States by Noam Chomsky. From the interviews I've seen and the reviews I've read, the book is a devastating attack on the expansion of government power and the deterrence of democracy in the United States.

That got me thinking about the media attacks on socialist leaders in Latin America in which Hugo Chavez and his kin are labeled as "dictators" , "Stalinists", etc. These attacks are quite ironic, considering that these leaders actually follow the will of the people and respect the social/political contract. American and European leaders - Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, etc. - consistently belittle the demands of the populous. The results of these two dichotomy's are astonishing. A pool released today by the Venezuelan Institute for Data Analysis shows that Chavez's approval rating is 82.7%. Our own Presidents is clocking in around 36%. After doing some intense math, I've discovered that not only does Chavez maintain a 46.7% lead over Bush, but also that out media has an inherently flawed view of democracy.

Memo to Rupert Murdoch: Democracy is about what the people want, not about men in Ivory towers ruling over the little people down below.