Monday, April 17, 2006

EZLN Resists Hyrdoelectric Project

Subcommandante Marcos, leader of the Zapatista Nation Liberation Army (EZLN), today said that if Vincente Fox and the Mexican government pushed began work on La Parota, a hydroelectric plant, that the EZLN would be forced to respond militarily. Marcos points out that La Parota would destroy 42,000 acres of land and displace 25,000 people. The Latin American Water Court says that the only people served by La Parota are the corporations, and that both the government and the environment would be damaged in the construction of the project.

Marcos and the soldiers of the EZLN have a long history of militantly resisting neo-liberal policies imposed on Mexico's poor by the elite. In 1994 the Zapatistas rebelled against the North American Free Trade Agreement and expelled oppressive Mexican soldiers from indigenous land in the southern provence of the Chiapas. Since then they have successfully set up a anarcho-socialist system of self-governance by creating economic collectives and promoting direct democracy.