Monday, April 10, 2006

Humala Ahead in Peruvian Election

Ollanata Humala, the leftist candidate for the 2006 Peruvian elections, is leading at the ballot box by 1.5% over conservative Lourdes Flores with former President Alan GarcĂ­a in third. Humala is likely to face off against Ms. Flores in the second round of voting. If there is any perception of anti-Humala election fraud it will likely incite protests and even riots, says the Financial Times.

Humala has promised to initiate sweeping social reforms ranging from nationalizing the mining industries to increased funding to education. Both of his opponents are widely critiqued for their subservience to corporate interests. During Garcia's last term in office he oversaw the implosion of the Peruvian economy with inflation rates topping out around 7,000%.