Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Humala vs. Garcia

Ollanta Humala, our personal favorite to win the Peruvian elections, has guaranteed himself a seat in the second round of elections. The man who he will most likely face off against if Alan Garcia, the former Prime Minister of Peru. Garcia, who lead the country in the late 80's, oversaw one of the greatest economic implosions in recent history. At one point Peruvian currency was experiencing a 7,000% inflation rate. His term was also plagued by violence from the Shining Path, a militant Maoist group that uses terroristic tactics to complete its objectives.

Reuters says that the votes won't be fully counted for about three weeks, and the run off voting won't occur until 30 days after all the votes are accounted for. The race between Humala and Garcia will be a tight one. Howver, I think Peruvians will realize that Humala's plan of helping the poor and redistributing wealth will beat out 7,000% inflation. Just a thought. Although, judging from the 2004 elections in America, voters can be a bit shortsighted at times.