Friday, April 14, 2006

"The Revolution Must Be Intensified!"

Orlando Chirino, the national organizer of the up and coming Venezuelan union UNT and leader of the Committee to Promote the Construction of the Revolution and Socialism Party, gave a great interview to The People's Voice about the progress of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Read the interview here.
In the first place, today Venezuela is provided with a government that's independent and autonomous in relation to imperialism. In the second place, its constitution, which was approved by the Venezuelan people, is an important advance for a process of transition toward socialism, thanks to a new autonomy of powers, numerous victories in terms of human rights, the new freedom for trade unions, the increased number of social missions with the creation of free community clinics, with the literacy campaign among the poor. In short, there are various victories that are very important.

-Orlando Chirino