Thursday, April 20, 2006

Royal Presidency Gains Momentum

Ségolène Royal, the presumed Socialist Party candidate for France's 2007 elections, saw another surge in the polls this week. She is now leading right-wing United Popular Movement Party Nicolas Sarkozy by 4%. Perhaps her biggest obstacles could be the crypto-candidates from her own Socialist Party. François Hollande, the Secretary of the Socialist Party, is trying to block her nomination to promote his own candidacy. It's unlikely that Hollande would be able to gain any traction, as most of the current Socialist Party leaders are seen as "stodgy old men".

Ms. Royal recently took her campaign online, in the vain of Howard Dean, and created Desirs Davenir (Desires for the Future), an online forum in which French citizens can voice their concerns about public policy. I, personally, will be using Desirs Davenir as a medium to propose to Ms. Royal.