Saturday, April 01, 2006

Speaking of Chavez...

In the past week, millions of Americans have taken the hint from French activists and taken to the streets to fight oppression. Although we may be fighting a different fight than the French, American immigrants are still victims of the capitalist-corporate regime. HR 4437, introduced by James Sensenbrenner, makes being an illegal alien or assisting an illegal alien a felony. Teachers who have a undoumented student in their class could go to prison for 20 years. If a doctor were to give a band aid to a Mexican with a scraped knee, he could find himself being made Bubba's prison bitch. This law goes beyond the xenophobic realm of past anti-immigration bills and crosses the border into absurdity.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist President, is just one of the many Latin American leaders showing solidarity with the victims of this racist law. In a speech on Friday, Chavez asked how President Bush could support this "fascist" law that made criminals of 11 million innocent people.