Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chavez: Socialism the Solution to Barbarism

Hugo Chavez, the widely popular and democratically elected President, proclaimed on Sunday that, "socialism is the only way to thwart barbarism." Chavez blamed capitalism and it's ideological counterparts for violence and conflict over the last few centuries, and said that socialism is the only remedy to this dangerous path. The Venezuelan firebrand made his statements at a pro-Venezuela meeting in London with British officials including London mayor Ken Livingston. Chavez continued saying, "We are faced with global challenges stemming from the genocidal, immoral, sick, and corrupt elite currently governing the United States, which appear to have no limits.”

Chavez went on to condemn the United States actions in the Middle East, especially its recent aggression towards Iran, "The outcome of such an aggression is unknown, but the Empire is going to find itself in a worse position than the one they have currently in Iraq, where they do not know what to do with the civil war that has erupted there and can’t find a way out.” He also criticized the American government for accusing others of terrorism while harboring terrorists of our own, "There they have the worst terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, who is benefiting from US government protection, after having escaped from a Venezuelan prison 20 years ago, [awaiting trial] for his involvement in the bombing of a Cuban airliner."