Saturday, May 27, 2006

Humala Gains Support from Leftist Groups

Ollanta Humala, the socialist/nationalist Peruvian Presidential candidate, has lost his early momentum in recent weeks on news that Hugo Chavez may have been meddling in Peruvian politics. He has fallen behind former President Alan Garcia in the polls, but with the election looming, many leftist groups in Peru are throwing their weight behind Humala.

The Broad Leftwing Front (FAI) has endorsed Humala's Union por el Peru Party (UPP) for the June 4th elections. Humala and his UPP allies have already received support from unions, the poor, and indigenous Peruvians, but the FAI is an important part of a winning electoral coalition. In a statement the FAI said, "The FAI political organizations have decided to support Humala, in line with the popular will, with no other promise than to ensure fulfillment of the program and its comprehensiveness."