Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Media Repression in Mexico

On May 1st, as millions marched in the streets demanding fair treatment for workers and immigrants around the world, the Mexican government didn't fail to continue its repression of liberation movements. During what was dubbed "The Other May 1st", thousands poured on to the streets Oaxaca to support the Zapatista movement led by Subcomandante Marcos and the EZLN's campaign for indigenous rights. The Mexican Special Operations Police Unit arrested seven marchers, including the two pro-Zapatista journalists Dulce Estrella Santamaría Robles and James Daria. Both of them are affiliated with NarcoNews, one of the best independent sources of Latin American news. Of the five others arrested two were anarchists from the Somos Resistencia collective, and the other three were recording audio and video of the event. NarcoNews calls the arrests and intimidation of pro-Zapatista journalists "part of a process of criminalization of the Other Campaign on the part of government and police authorities."

We call upon all adherents to the Other Campaign and the Sixth Declaration for solidarity, upon all social fighters of conscience to support us in our demand for the immediate release of our seven arbitrarily detained comrades. We call upon you to keep watch for what might happen, as our foreign compañeros could be expelled from the country, and the rest forced to pay large fines.

-Narco News

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