Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rare Interview with Subcomandante Marcos

Leader of the Zapatista National Liberation Front (EZLN), Subcomandante Marcos, gave a rare interview to the Mexican channel Televisa earlier this week. Marcos, also known as Delegate Zero, criticized leftist Presidential candidate Lopez Obrador for being a sell-out to the movement and for not offering real solutions to Mexico's problems. Marcos went on to call him simply "mediocre".

Marcos also denied any involvement with street violence in San Salvador Atenco over the past week. Chaos broke out in the city when a group of poor flower vendors were arrested and beaten after trying to set up shop on soon to be Walmart property. The people of Atenco responded by setting up blockades on highways and demonstrating in the streets. Police reacted to protest by arresting 400 activists, raping at least 5 women, and killing a 14 year old boy. Marcos said the anti-government violence was the result of "people's fury" over years of neglect and repression. He also went on to say that the Zapatistas have a peaceful mission in Atenco and that they will use their legal power to have the political prisoners freed.