Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bush Slanders Chavez and Venezuela

Hugo Chavez and George Bush have never had a particularly good relationship. In 2002, Bush helped overthrew Chavez's democratic government and attempted to install a Pinochet style dictatorship that served U.S. interests. In response, Chavez has labeled Bush a terrorist, an imperialist, and an alcoholic - all three of which are undoubtedly true looking at the man's personal history and the Geneva Conventions. Today, Bush crossed the line of petty insults and viciously attacked Chavez and, more importantly, the Venezuelan people. At a press event today, Bush said that Chavez has been doing a "great disservice to the traditions and people" of Venezuela.

The attitude that this statement reveals is Bush's backward, colonial, and racist ideology. The rhetoric use by Bush is not unlike that of the "White Man's Burden", which was the turn of the century concept that it was the white man's responsibility to rule over all of the other "lesser" races on the planet. Not only is this a racist attack on the Venezuelan people and their ability to autonomously choose their own leader democratically - without U.S. intervention - but it is a clear attack on democratic values. How dare Bush - a man who violates the constitution on an hourly basis and has an approval rating below 30% - attack a leader who actually follows the will of his people (Chavez's approval rating rarely dips under 80%).

It's not for Bush to decide whether or not Chavez has done a "disservice" to Venezuelan tradition. What the hell does George Bush even know about Venezuelan culture? I would be willing to bet my first born son that Bush couldn't find Venezuela on a map, let alone speak the language or comprehend its history.