Saturday, June 03, 2006

Land Revolution in Bolivia

Evo Morales put a program into action today that will redistribute 7.8 million acres of land to the poor in Bolivia. The land will be seized from wealthy farmers and landowners, whose land often goes largely unused. By giving Bolivia's peasants a piece of agriculturally viable land, Morales is doing more than any capitalist welfare system ever could: a constant source of income and economic empowerment.

Of course, as with any revolution, the Morales' land revolution does have its counter-revolutionaries. Those whose land is being seized are forming militias to prevent the redistribution. Of detractor from the process has been the Catholic Church, which owns 90% of all farmland in Bolivia. Nearly all of this land is unproductive and idle, making it a perfect candidate for expropriation by the state. Resistance from the elite class is no surprise, but a few wealthy men can't stop a revolution. As Morales told a crowd today, "The historical enemies of the poor must accept this land revolution."

The Bolivian government intend to redistribute 48 million acres of land by 2011.