Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lopez Obrador Pulls Ahead in Election Polls

Mexican Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador regained his leader position in polls released today. Obrador was the populist mayor of Mexico City and has taken a many soft-socialist positions in his presidential campaign. After a few weeks hovering below 30% in polls, Obrador managed to overtake his conservative opponent Felipe Calderon by 0.5%. Such a lead is well within the margin of error, but it does indicate that Obrador is a contender in the elections, something that has been in doubt recently.

Obrador, who is from the Party of the Democratic Revolution, saw a substantial drop in the polls over the past several weeks as his opponents have been using dirty and sometimes illegal tactics. Current President Vicente Fox has been supporting Calderon, which is questionable under Mexican election law. Calderon has also run overly aggressive and deceptive ads, which he was forced to stop after an inquiry by the government.

For his part, Obrador has been the target of attacks from not only other candidates, but also many corporations who see his pseudo-socialist policies as a danger to business.